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Here are a few of the circuits being produced at d. Kowalski amplifiers, demoed with various guitars, cabinets and speakers, featuring a few of our friends.

we recommend listening with headphones or high fidelity speakers to hear the most of what we offer.

D. Kowalski - Dark Gene 1/2 Watt Tube Amp

D. Kowalski - Dark Gene 1/2 Watt Tube Amp The Dark Gene (red version) from D. Kowalski is a ½ watt, tube amplifier sporting natural high-gain tones at friendly volumes. This Class-A amp is completely handwired point-to-point and uses only 3 tubes! Two 12ax7s take care of the blackface-style preamp and original overdrive circuit while a single 12au7 acts as the output tube. With this setup, you get natural overdrive the old fashioned way, which stays very refined and dynamic for such a low watt amplifier. The versatile Sensitivity control is a great place to start when matching the Dark Gene to your pickups and dialing in your preferred midrange content. The Treble and Bass help control the overall tone while a 3-way Top/Mid switch really pushes the Dark Gene in different directions, whether you want a low gain chime or singing lead with massive gain. Speaking of gain, the low/high gain modes are selected by the Gain 2 push pull pot, which acts a master volume when engaged. Gain 1 on its own goes from warm jazzy tones to tweed breakup when fully maxed. Pushing in Gain 2 instantly puts the Dark Gene into a high gain zone, even with gain 1 at minimum. On the back, the full output let you drive your favorite speaker or you can use the Low preamp out to drive other effects or cab sims in the studio. Best of all, this low watt wonder is handmade in Texas and is priced below many boutique overdrive pedals! For this red version and the JCM-800 voiced green version of the Dark Gene, check out Follow me on Instagram: Twitter: Website: Gear Used: Amp: D. Kowalski Dark Gene (red version) .5w Head, ISO Cab 1x12 Guitars: Nik Huber Twangmeister, Redtail 335 & Beetle Kill models, Suhr Classic Antique Other Pedals: DryBell Unit67, Boss DD-8 Recording Gear: Universal Audio Apollo 8 QUAD, Royer R-121 Mic Drums: Stefan Pötzsch Strings: Cables: Sinasoid Sable & Sliver patch cables, Revelation Guitar Cables #Tubeamp #AndyDemos #Guitar
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