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d. kowalski amplifiers is David kowalski, wife Brenda, stepson John, our dogs, Ulysses, Minette, buddy, penny, June, Jacques and tuxedo cat, Tommy the great. 

our ideology for building is pure and simple: honesty. the response of an amplifier should be just that.

since 2010, well over 500 amplifiers have been built, hundreds of units repaired and thousands upon thousands of capacitors bought and sold. we only source the finest new old stock (nos) components for resale and use them in our production amplifiers frequently. we have also, on special occasion, included vintage speakers with our amplifiers.

our interest lies in keeping superiority in the domestic production of these products. meticulous construction is first and foremost a contributing factor to the longevity of our amplifiers. The quality of components is second. we have serviced enough premature failures in amplifiers made overseas to know why cutting corners will never meet our standards. 

as we continue to build and service, we will always provide our support following services rendered and offer time for inquisitive minds or those who are simply curious. custom builds and one-offs are always welcome; just ask.

it must not be overlooked, my ability in this, that which comes wholly ​derived from the lectures and kindnesses of ned sheats, the best technician and mentor I will ever know. thank you for everything.

D. Kowalski

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