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VOLCANIC ARMS 45w Amplifier Head

VOLCANIC ARMS 45w Amplifier Head

Our Volcanic Arms amplifier perfectly encapsulates the grind of the 60s plexiglass and early 70s metal panel British heads that are incendiary in nature, crying like banshees as they feed back into harmonic mayhem. This is the most aggressive circuit we offer with midrange that can cut like a knife. Each unit differs slightly. Normal and Brilliant channels offer the perfect blend of lush, wholesome chimey cleans or searing leads. The bottom end is always stout and the highs shimmer, perfect for ruling the stage and cutting through the mix and getting to the good stuff early with less headroom. We have included a Master volume on the back panel that can be defeated by rotating counter clockwise until it clicks. It can reversely be defeated by turning to maximum rotation for a brighter, more transient response.


  • 30 - 50 watts
  • Cathode/Fixed bias optional
  • Master volume (defeatable) 
  • Normal/Brilliant channels
  • Tube compliment 2x EL34/KT66/KT88/6L6GC 3x 12AX7s 
  • Tube rectifier optional
  • 120vac 50/60Hz


Lead time is currently 4 weeks.

  • Satisfaction Guarantee

    We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase and offer returns on In Stock items up to 7 calendar days from delivery. Custom orders excluded from policy. Refunds will be made in the amount of purchase price excluding original shipping cost on returns of In Stock items. 

  • Return/Refund Policy

    Payments made on custom order items are non refundable. Custom built units are non returnable. Items ship insured and exceptions are made resulting from shipping damage.

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