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Get the roaring, mid forward sounds of the UK from 1968 along with the rich, full bodied tones of the late 50s American amplifiers in our take on both venerable circuits that share the same DNA and created a legacy on both sides of the Atlantic. 


Normal and Bright channels set up in a classic tweed amplifier configuration offer more prominent lows with the perfect amount of top end air or a brighter, midrange thick snarl that is perfect for lead tones, cutting right through the mix. Both channels offer shared Treble, Middle and Bass controls along with a high end Presence control. Normal and Bright channels respectively offer dedicated Volume controls.


Our take with this circuit wastes no time getting right to the good stuff as it is somewhat bereft of headroom with an output tube plate voltage that is substantially lower than the circuits from which it is derived. Operating in fixed bias and at a low voltage, the response is swift and saturation occurs quickly, without the additional output power that can make similar accomplishments difficult in many live settings or when recording. Our custom wound transformers from California offer superior performance and frequency response with details that are often missed with off the shelf iron.


Specs are as follows:


-30 watts

-EL34 output tubes in fixed bias

-12AX7 preamp tubes

-2 channels w/ dedicated Volume controls

-Treble, Middle, Bass and Presence shared controls

-Custom wound transformers

-4, 8 and 16 output jacks

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