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Here’s our Antiquity amplifier (5C3 tweed Deluxe), a 1x12 combo that is the perfect grab and go combo for gigs or studio! The octal Deluxe is a favorite for jazz, blues and rock and roll and has a warmer, smoother signature tone than the later 5E3. 

With the use of the paraphase inverter prior to the cathodyne and long tail pair, the feel and response of this amp is quite different than the circuits that followed and the transition into overdrive is more gradual than the latter. 

The output section is the quintessential American favorite for medium amps as a pair of cathode biased 6V6GTs with a 5Y3 tube rectifier. Preamp tubes are the excellent octal Sovtek 6SC7s that are extremely quiet, with ring dampeners for the added benefit. 

Heyboer transformers are some of the best sounding in the industry and are used here. NOS capacitors are also used like in many of our amplifiers. Pots used are special order CTS 1M audio with a vintage 30% taper.

The Celestion G12M is an extraordinary upgrade in many tweed amps and this one is no exception. The midrange character and focused bass response make this speaker the perfect pairing for these wholesome tone machines. We’ve even included a vintage jewel and fuse socket for the vintage touch.


Here's a brief rundown of features:


  • 12 watts
  • Celestion G12M Greenback
  • Tube Compliment: 1x 5Y3 2x 6V6GT 2x 6SC7
  • New Old Stock Capacitors
  • Lacquered Tweed
  • Lightweight Pine Cab
  • 120vac 50/60Hz


Lead time currently 8 weeks and may be subject to change, depending on cab lead times. Shipping via UPS with a signature required upon delivery. International ordering available and subject to upcharge for export power transformer, if required. 

    $1,399.95 Regular Price
    $1,299.95Sale Price
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