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MK-ULTRA 35w Head

MK-ULTRA 35w Head

Our compact MK-ULTRA heads draw inspiration from 60s gold panel British 50w and 100w amplifiers in a single channel fire breathing dragon. Voiced for forward mids and early onset overdrive. The cleans chime and sing and segue into overdrive seamlessly. Switches on the front panel include Bright and Deep. Bright adds snarling midrange boost and cut while Deep adds gain and increased low end frequencies. Leads have never been more harmonically complex in a very conveniently compact head cab that sits ideally on a multitude of cabs. The dynamic ability must be experienced firsthand. Well rounded response, character and bloom all receive high marks from this series of amps.


We designed our large output transformers specifically for this series of amps and they have made their way into other builds of ours with excellent results. A superior output transformer cannot be overlooked. It is the soul of the amplifier. Ours are made by Pacific Transformer in Anaheim, California.



35 watts

Fixed bias

Individual 4, 8 and 16 ohm output jacks

Tube compliment 2x EL34 3x 12AX7

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